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Details Of The New Album "adrenaline"

Details Of The New Album "adrenaline"
January 04, 2018

Provocation is not your business, the have learned, OST+FRONT well of their obvious role models RAMMSTEIN. 16. February bring down the Berlin now on the Indie Label Outofline their new Album “adrenaline” among the people, the mixed in the Swedish Fascination Street Studios and was mastered. The Band promises a varied mix of styles, practically anything is allowed, from the “beer tent, polka and ball man-Techno, the combination of NDW and NDH, classical chorales, and orchestral Bombast, punk rock and classic Heavy Sound”.

It remains to be seen whether this apparent variety of black shades to the inclined listener at the end of not a little too colorful. Here is already the Tracklist:

Adrenaline Heavy Metal Disco Bukkake U. S. A. Doll young Sheet time The poor and the rich Bad Girl 10 years OST+FRONT Edelweiss Hans guck in the air You're under my skin Old Love

The Deluxe Version contains a second CD with the following pieces:

I want it all Blood dog Rosenkavalier Willpower

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