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Exclusive Video Premiere For Metal.de

Exclusive Video Premiere For Metal.de
April 12, 2018

PRIPYAT is put in place: “Kiev Burns” is the second Single from the upcoming Album “Chain Reaction” (Release 27.04.2018) at the Start.
The accompanying Video is presented to you metal.de exclusive a day before the official release!

“Kiev Burns” is a title, in the PRIPYAT autobiographical heart-blood poured, as in the Statement from the Band sublime:

This is personal. To see how Kiev, the beautiful place of our (Kirill and Eugene) Childhood, burned, raped, and with the blood of the Innocent soaked, was one of the most difficult experiences that we had to make so far. We feel not a single flag of this world – but the shock is, to our old home deep. This conflict brought the country to the darkest place since the collapse of the Soviet Union. We only have a single page – of the people. All the involved governments – the Ukrainian, European, Russian, American – have full and costed responsibility!

And while we're at it, can we draw your attention to the Album Release Party at Cologne's Thrash heroes in Wuppertal “Underground”. We present to you:

Flyer for the Release Party for the “Chain Reaction” of PRIPYAT

Cover Artwork to “Chain Reaction” of PRIPYAT