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First Tour Dates For 2019!

First Tour Dates For 2019!
November 01, 2018

#gebtfeinfacht – This Hashtag is currently on Instagram the round. The images to reveal a promotion for the first RAMMSTEIN concerts in 2019 in Germany and Belgium. Some of the walls of houses in Berlin and Brussels were projected light signals to the walls, which shows the logo of the Band on a stadium, which is decorated with the band logo.


Look at this post on Instagram


A post shared from Rammstein (@Rammstein official) on Jan 1, 2018 2:30 PM PDT

On the official Instagram Account have RAMMSTEIN and even some of these works published. According to impericon-mag.com the following dates are already known:

27. + 28.05.2019 in Gelsenkirchen
15.06.2019 in Hannover
16.06.2019 in Rostock
10.07.2019 in Brussels

A Facebook user , discovered in addition, a poster for two concerts in Dresden, on 12. and 13.06. 2019 at the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion.

From the official side yet no tour was given of the data known. The only exception to this are the two new year's shows (31.12.2018 and 02.01.2019) in Mexico.

RAMMSTEIN have in the recent past is always that in 2019 there will be a new Album. All the News you can find here.

Already before the release of a new album in Berlin, guitarist Richard with his project EMIGRATE to the 30.11.2018 his third Album "A Million Degrees" on the market. A lot going on in the house RAMMSTEIN – so #please be fine!