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For Bands: "Win A Deal"Contest

For Bands: "Win A Deal"Contest
December 04, 2017

Reaper Entertainment is the Name of a newly-established Metal label, which has taken with DEAD ALONE and LOST IN the GREY, two names established under the contract. At the Start of its activities, the Label has launched a “Win A Deal” Contest to life. Bands will have the Chance to compete for a record contract in Reaper Entertainment. In addition, a prize to win also the Second and third, respectively, Bands can Win the following:

1. Place: a recording contract with Reaper Entertainment
2. Place: production of a professional Lyric Videos
3. Place: A professional band photo shoot

The Agency Reaper Entertainment offers all of the services that needs a Band, from the Promotion on the Merchandise, Studio, and video production. Their own Label offers all of the Bands that put on intensive care and a professional, but personal relationship, ideal conditions. With a maximum of twelve publications per year, the Motto "class instead of mass", and each individual Album the attention it deserves.

Bands the at the “Win A Deal” Contest would like to easily surf the web on www.reapermusic.de and apply online.