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For More Details On "Forever Warriors, Forever United"

For More Details On "Forever Warriors, Forever United"
May 09, 2018

17. August 2018, will appear with “Forever Warriors, Forever United” Doro's latest Album on Nuclear Blast as a 2CD Set in Vinyl Format. Now the singer has released more Details on their latest record, which will be their first double album of all time. Here, Fans of DORO are allowed a total of 25 all-new Songs to look forward to. The Album itself is divided into two Parts.

“Forever Warriors” to highlight their combative streak. The first Single, “All For Metal” is on 8. June appear. On your numerous Metal you can hear sizes. In addition, the native from düsseldorf announced that AMON AMARTH'sfront man Johan Hegg as a guest on “If I Can't Have You...” is represented.

“Forever United”, however, DOROs feeling of a full page is dedicated. Topics such as friendship, love, and deep attachment are to be in the foreground. Examples of this are “Heartbroken”, “It Cuts So Deep” and the Lemmy-a tribute to “Living Life To The Fullest”. The latter was created during a report on the flight to the funeral of the MOTÖRHEADfounder.

The album cover is even more of DOROs favourite painter Geoffrey Gillespie and shows the singer in the midst of a group of wild Metalheads, radiate, despite the apocalyptic mood continues to be positivity, strength, and Coolness. To DORO: “the Cover and title make an absolute unit. Exactly the way it should be and as it fits to the new Songs, which treat, among other things, also some political issues.” And: “There are great anthems on the Album, as well as several Songs, a Horny hardness, but also, of course, a whole lot of heart. The Album is a Power and radiates a lot of good energy!”


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