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Give You "Higher Love"

Give You "Higher Love"
January 28, 2018

VOODOO CIRCLE have released a new taste of their Album “Raised On Rock”. “Higher Love” comes with a chic clip. The Album appears again on the 09. February via AFM Records. It is the first album of the Band with Neusänger Herbie Langhans (AVANTASIA, SINBREED).

The following Tracks can be found on “Raised On Rock”:

1. Running Away From Love
2. Higher Love
3. Walk On The Line
4. You Promised Me Heaven
5. Just Take My Heart
6. Where Is The World We Love
7. Ultimate Sin
8. Chase Me Away
9. Unknown Stranger
10. Dream chaser
11. Love Is An Ocean
12. Time For The Innocent (Bonus Track)
13. There's More To see (bonus track)