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  • Guitarist Karl Logan Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography

Guitarist Karl Logan Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography

Guitarist Karl Logan Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography
October 26, 2018

Karl Logan, the guitarist in MANOWARwas already on 9. August of this year in North Carolina on suspicion of possession of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of minors in the third degree in six cases arrested and charged.

Update, 26.10.2018, 20.30: MANOWAR have on your Facebook page to the accusations against Karl Logan expressed. The guitarist will not occur at the planned Shows with MANOWAR. You should, however, continue to take place as planned. On whether Karl Logan will remain generally in the future a member of the Band and who will represent him at the upcoming concerts, is not the message. Here is the text of the message:

"Regarding Karl Logan

With regard to Karl Logan's arrest and the charges against him:

Due to the fact that Karl and his attorneys are dealing with these issues, he will not perform with MANOWAR.
The new album and upcoming tour will not be affected.

– Magic Circle Entertainment Management“

First of all, the Online magazine "The Blast" reported about the incident. According to the Research, a spokesman for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's has confirmed him in Office in North Carolina.

According to the local law, someone is accused, then in the points, which Karl is accused of Logan, if he's in Minors, sexual exploitation, commits the third degree. This means that he is aware of the nature and content of the Material, which is in his possession and to see in the minors to participate in sexual activities.

Karl Logan is now on bail of $ 35,000 on a walk. MANOWAR had previously played in the context of their farewell tour "The Final Tour" - some concerts in Europe. From 1. November they wanted to return for ten concerts in Germany. If these concerts are held now, with Logan, appears to be highly questionable.

Karl Logan is since 1994 a member of MANOWAR and replaced at the time, David Shankle. The Band's first Album, on which he is to hear, is "Louder than Hell" 1996.