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It Is Now A Current CD-package Of The Label

It Is Now A Current CD-package Of The Label
September 28, 2018

Slip trick Records celebrates 2018 ten year anniversary and giving away this occasion, we have three random CD packages, with the publications of the label.
To throw your name in the draw, you need to do is fill in the fields below this article.
The winners will be announced on Tuesday, the 2.October drawn at random and notified via Email.

The catalogue of the meanwhile, in Latvia-based label already includes more than 350 publications. This slip trick works irrespective of genre, with Acts from different areas: Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Hard Rock, Power Metal, Goth, Grind, Hardcore, everything. The focus is on interesting, promising debut, being hunted by the Slip knit Crew with true devotion in the world"". As divers, the countries of origin of the Bands, said slip trick were able to present last time of very special Highlights from Japan, Russia, and Sweden. This year alone slip trick placed 60 albums in various global Charts. In addition, it has the Label with deadpulse.com meanwhile, a mail order set up.
"We are very happy about our development, and specifically also on the physical sales of the panties trick. We cry, therefore, not about the current state of the music business.“, Europe-Chef Carlo Muselli says, now with 15 permanent staff and several freelancers work company.

metal.de wishes all the best for the next 10 years!

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