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Johan Längquist Is Back

Johan Längquist Is Back
September 03, 2018

The Swedish Doom Metal pioneers CANDLEMASS have once more replaced their front man. The special feature: The new man behind the MIC of a very old – Johan Längquist, the legendary debut album "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" (1986) had already, is back.

The Band is currently in the midst of recording a new Album announced on their websites the Following: "We wanted to go back to the roots of CANDLEMASS, back to the soul and the essence of the Band. Johan Längquist is back, and we hope that this will give us new energy, and the heart of destiny in motion again. We do not know whether it will take ten or even five years, but when it leaves us for another year of fun, and we play the music we love so much, it is great fun! The circle is closed, Johan is back!“

The pros and cons of the other's suffering: Not more Mats Levén, which replaced in 2012 the former singer Robert Lowe and since then the lead dancer was. Mats has responded on Instagram, in the meantime, on his Ausbootung, although less joyfully:

"Today's Statement by CANDLEMASS:

First of all, I would like all the Fans in Europe, South / Latin America, North America and Japan, greet, came in the last six years of our Shows.
It was a true privilege and a pleasure to play for all of you – thank you!

A big thank you also to our Crew, promoters, and any musician who helped out, as needed.
I would like to mention especially By Wiberg (Bass / Keyboard), has already made some CANDLEMASS Shows and also a great room-mate was – thanks Amigo.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

Mats Leven
Stockholm, 3. September 2018"

CANDLEMASS were founded in 1984 and published since then, in varying line-UPS of eleven Studio albums and numerous EPs and live albums. The Band had to wait until may of 2018 with a "House Of Doom" , a new EP released. The last regular Album of Sweden's "Psalms For The Dead" from 2012.