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Line-up Change On The Drums!

Line-up Change On The Drums!
December 28, 2017

In the case of Lord-Of-The-Lost/3565">LORD OF THE LOST, and GROUNDER, a line-up change was for the first Christmas holiday. Niklas Kahl, former drummer of steel man and founding member of EARTHLING, is now on drums with LORD OF THE LOST. A new employment for him is not, after all, he helped the Band in 2017 already for some Festival Gigs, as I Drummer Tobias Mertens took an indefinite break from the Band.

Both Bands completed their performances at this year's Chemnitz Dark Storm Festival, prompting LORD OF THE LOST, proclaimed the change of KAHL's via Facebook:

“Niklas Kahl – official is switch IMMEDIATELY from Earthling to Lord Of The Lost, and thus there as a drummer to get in. A joint Meeting of both Bands and of the exchange of musical visions, preferences, and goals, led to this result, with the each and every one of us all is happy and positive forward look.
Earthling will be announced at the beginning of 2018, a successor to Nik.
Unimportant fact as a side note: Nik's Transfer with the record-breaking transfer fee of 20 million billion Euro and a box of Astra red light the most expensive player transfer of the entire German musical history (worldwide!) .”

Niklas Kahl – Lord Of The Lost