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Machine Head Post A Controversial New Song "Bastards"

Machine Head Post A Controversial New Song "Bastards"
January 12, 2018

26. January the ninth MACHINE-HEAD-Album with the title “Catharsis”. After the Californians in the past weeks and months already in the Songs “Beyond The Pale” and, most recently, the title track of the album “Catharsis” from the album had, now followed by Song number three, titled “Bastards”:

Brand new, the Track is not likely to be for attentive Fans of the Band. By the end of 2016, shortly after the election, Donald trump for President of the United States, invited MACHINE HEAD, a purely acoustic rehearsal room Version of “Bastards” on your YouTube channel . And, like the ghosts in the final Version of the song. In the User comments of both the stylistic experimentation of “Bastards” as well as the clear political Message, directed against all backward-looking and racist ideologies, which have experienced by the Trump-electoral Legitimation is criticized.

It remains unclear whether such commentators want to ban artists to Express themselves politically, or whether you want to defend a President who offer themselves at every opportunity as a sexist and a racist egomaniac outs.

In the soon to be released Interview with MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn also this theme will play a role.

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