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Merry Corpses Of Everyone!

Merry Corpses Of Everyone!
May 31, 2018

After we thanked all quite good at the Catholic Church for today's holiday – a hearty "happy cadaver!" this is from our side – we want to try, at least, our ear canals of silly chants, warped organ, and too many voices dargebrachtem Church songs. The right food is also found today in the Form of numerous audio-visual new releases out of the metal spectrum. If the time is not all the places for merry corpses...


Kamelot – Amnesiac

The first death is, in a sense, the information-Overkill fell victim to what KAMELOT with their new Video-single from the "The Shadow Theory"-Album sing. The Computer, the Symphonic metallers have a fancy Cyberpunk scenario, wrested, in which the Message is without a clean, well-worked out plot.


Black Neon District – Seclusion

More by dark future worlds, we find the second -cheerful dead in the BLACK NEON DISTRICT. There has pulled a small group of progressive French back, the give a sample of their new "Standing Waves"-EP. Really, this seclusion has helped, ultimately, nothing, but at least the strong Songwriting is convinced.


Follow The Cipher – I Revive

A particularly hip dead is followed by a cipher to the Czech "Masters Of Rock"Festival and dedicated to the Live-Show of the Nuclear Blasts Newcomer-band from the SABATON environment for the victim. But that is certainly nothing, finally, the resurrection is a kind of already pre-signed.


Nereis – Overdrive

The Italians NEREIS have, however, connected in a gear too high, and with their funky Alternative Rock/Metal attack "Overdrive" the fourth death on the Conscience. Makes but nothing, the Song has real hit potential.


Halestorm – Uncomfortable

And to whom it goes now to the HALESTORM can remedy the situation. Their high-energy Alternative attack whips the pulse to tidy up and makes for nervousness – for body number five that was probably too much already.


Distorted Harmony – We Are Free

And where the Harmony is disturbed, we can make the same with "We Are Free". For a real Video, it was not enough, given the strong Modern Prog Sounds, we are here but once, with a couple of Lyric animations happy.


Bellow, Roth – Beyond the Himmeltors

To conclude, we find our last corpse arg dismembered beyond the gate to Paradise. How, exactly, bellow, Roth, are now in League with DEBAUCHERY, is to us at this point, also no matter, the main thing, the healthy Dose of German Death metal tastes to the financial statements.