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Metal.de-Relaunch In Color And Colorful

Metal.de-Relaunch In Color And Colorful
April 01, 2018

The new April! After in the last few months increasingly has become that our striking Orange leads to seizures in editors like readers to regular anger - such as the heart, it is time to tread new paths. That's why we present to you today has been a day full of Pride metal.de 4.0 – the definitive Version.

Content and Design go Hand-in-Hand

Fluffy, iridescent, damn colorful: metal.de fun, free and fits in any pocket. The more value we have placed this Time on the cross-media unit. After extensive discussion by leading international Brutalism-Design-Senior-Analysts – and, of course, the heart taken comments from the readership – we can present you today is a Design that is a claim: Content and Design Hand-in-Hand to appear.

With your support

In this respect, we would like to thank you for your participation and submitted proposals to the theme “Good mood is the new Black”. We are confident to present our content on an even more individual and us skillfully from the competition.

In this sense: Forward always, backward never!

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