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New Album "Northern Chaos Gods" In July!

New Album "Northern Chaos Gods" In July!
April 21, 2018

Nuclear Blast parts with that IMMORTAL on 6. July 2018 their new Album “Northern Chaos Gods” will be releasing. The ninth long-player, the tape will contain eight new Tracks and a total of 45 minutes of playing time. The Band itself has the following to say about the Album:

“We have dedicated ourselves IMMORTAL, and of our own musical past. It is a concept album and is the first step on the way, our darkness and attitude to regain – what IMMORTAL and what it was about since the beginning. Loyalty to our Fans and our history means everything to us. Finally, the new Songs sounded of us, from the heart of winter and the spirit of Blashyrkh, the realm of cold and darkness.”

IMMORTAL – “Northern Chaos Gods” appears on the 6. July 2018

The first Single with the title track “Northern Chaos Gods” appears on the 11. May know in digital Form, and then in three different Vinyl versions: Black (limited to 400 pieces) (limited to 500 copies) and red (limited to 300 pieces). The last two versions are available exclusively via Mailorder to Nuclear Blast available. The Single can be pre-ordered since yesterday, the pre-sale of album starts at 11. May.

Thus, it is not only the first Album since “All Shall fall” of 2009, but also the first Album without the participation of the former frontman Abbath. This has separated in 2015 from the Rest of the Band and solo since then. His Post on the guitar and the vocals Demonaz, was officially always Band-member does, for health reasons, but most recently on the Album “Blizzard Beasts” 1997 Instrument played. However, all the Lyrics of the since then released albums. To support Demonaz and drummer Horgh, Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY) brought to the Bass. What was the Line-Up of any future Live performances will be contested, is not yet known.

The complete Line-Up for the “Northern Chaos Gods” reads as follows:

Demonaz (Vocals and guitar)
Horgh (Drums)
Peter Tägtgren (Session Bass)

If there is further news, you can read it here on metal.de!