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New Album "The Valley" Comes On 29. March

New Album "The Valley" Comes On 29. March
November 01, 2018

Just yesterday WHITECHAPEL via your social media channels announced "something" for the 01.11. About an hour ago read metal blade the cat out of the bag and released the first Song called "Brimestone" from the upcoming Album "The Valley", as a quasi-promotional video on Youtube. The Clip you can watch below.

"The Valley" is at 29. March of 2019 to appear and thus follows the current Trend, the time between the album announcement and the actual Release is always more strong. Who ever wanted to know, which is why it is from a strategic point of view, quite reasonable this time period is for as long as possible to get hold of for the has FIT-FOR-A-KINGfrontman Ryan Kirby, a Declaration of the Council of Europe.


"The Valley" Cover and Tracklist

"Based on true events" – It may be interesting

01. When A Demon Defiles A Witch
02. Forgiveness Is Weakness
03. Brimstone
04. Hickory Creek
05. Black Bear
06. We Are One
07. The Other Side
08. Third Depth
09. Lovelace
10. Doom Woods