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New Album Comes Out In July

New Album Comes Out In July
April 14, 2018

As the British Metalcore Band BURY TOMORROW announced yesterday, is their new Album “Black Flame”, on 13. July 2018 published. The plate will be the first of five from Southampton, England, Music For Nations/Sony Music. A first Video for the title track of the album, there is also already.

BURY TOMORROW – the “Black Flame” from the new Album:

“Black Flame” will be the fifth overall Album of the Band. Last appeared in 2016 's“Earthbound” via Nuclear Blast Records. For more info, since yesterday, also known as the Cover-Artwork of the plate will look like:

And the Tracklist of the album reads:

No Less Violent Adrenaline Black Flame My Revenge More Than Mortai Knife Of Gold The Age Stormbringer Overcast Peacekeeper Learn more about BURY TOMORROW

BURY TOMORROW were formed in 2006 by drummer Adam Jackson. In 2009 the first Album “Portraits” was released on Basick Records, before the British with the successor Album “The Union Of Crows” (2012) have moved to Nuclear Blast Records, and its international breakthrough were recorded.

Discography (As Of 2018):

2009: Portraits (Basick Records) 2010: On Waxed Wings (EP) (Artery Recordings) 2012: The Union Of Crows (Nuclear Blast Records) 2014: Runes (Nuclear Blast Records) 2016: Earthbound (Nuclear Blast Records) 2018: The Black Flame (Music For Nations/Sony Music)

Line-up (as of 2018):

Daniel Winter Bates – Vocals Jason Cameron – Vocals/Guitar Kristan Dawson – Guitar Davyd Winter Bates – Bass Adam Jackson – Drums