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New Metal Videos At A Glance

New Metal Videos At A Glance
September 09, 2018

You are on a sleepy Sunday in search of new music or the latest Output of your favorite bands? Here is a short Overview about the freshly published music videos!

Go for it with the ELVENKING. The release of the album "Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire" is now a good year, however, there is for friends of melodic Power metal with a fresh Video to "The One We Shall Follow."

It may be a little more progressive? Then Ode To Despair "with a case, something for you maybe." The corresponding Album "A Prelude To Sorrow" appears in the Rest of the 02.11.2018.

02. November seems to have a few Releases up it's sleeve. Also, OPETH have to let go in front of their new Live disc, "Garden of the Titans: Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre," on this day the fan base. As a result, they have released a Live Clip for the track "Demon Of The fall" – check it out!

Already on Wednesday, and by Lord-Of-The-Lost/3565">LORD OF THE LOST have just released a new Video. The Band, explores the boundaries of Gothic Rock in all directions, with a "Black Halo" a picture of strong Performance-Video. The corresponding current Album "Thor star" reached Position 6, the highest ranking in the German Charts.

To soft for you? Then you give the new Video from wolf at heart, the Album "the Constellation Of The Black Light" at the 28.09.2018 appears. Brings you in the mood with "The Saw"!

At the end of our small metal.de-TV-garden there are no less than the chart-topping power of the wolf (alternatively, BAUAWULF or farmer, the wolf, all at Centurion Meida under contract!). Check out the new Clip "killer With The Cross":