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New Names For The Copenhell 2018

New Names For The Copenhell 2018
January 30, 2018

So it was once again time for the publication of new names for this year's Copenhell. Already now, we dare to assume that it will be a litter of names that get people up out of the chairs. If it gets to danger in the flint or party, we will not, however, comment on - but one thing is for sure: Nothing gets the blood to roll from the Danish metalheads, as a line-uppet at various festivals.

Among this year's new names, there are a few repeats, quite as expected, and a few Danish names that are guaranteed to generate debate, as well as the party. We here at the editorial board are a bunch with different tastes and there is very much a little for everyone.

To The Gates is to figure among the kings of Swedish death metal. Their Gothenburg-based sound, knocked svensken into a leading place within the category of "european kvalitetsmetal" and their concert at Copenhell 2015 was the lack of original members, despite, compelling, and powerful, and we are looking forward to a reunion.

Ubiquitous Defecto is among the genbesøgende in this game of names. There are not very many who do not know to their melodic heavy metal, and their concert at Copenhell in 2016, was another feather in the hat for this ambitious band.

Kellermensch is a band that gives themselves 100% every time and their latest album has garnered praises among the Danish reviewers. With the base in Esbjerg, and the roots of rock, the audience can expect a captivating show, led by a charismatic frontman who makes sure to get all with.

Welsh Skindred play a type of metal they describe as "ragga-metal", a name that covers their combination of reggae, heavy metal and dancehall. It is subversive and creates the devil to sow discord in more than one bunch of festival-goers.

Mark Tremonti is both a familiar face and yet not. He visited Copenhell back in 2016 with Altar Bridge and gave one of the year's best concerts - should you believe the pictures from the same show. This time he looked back, with a loaded guitar and a voice is enough to pull audience.

Tsjuder is a Norwegian, hurt and more Norwegian. The devilish bøhmænd brings black metallen, ideas and concepts and gets us to forget for a little while, it is high summer and we are safe in the flat Denmark, for the atrocities that are hiding deep in the Norwegian forests.