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New Video For "Moment Of Silence"

New Video For "Moment Of Silence"
October 07, 2018

Contrary to the song title with the case are not at all silent. "Moment Of Silence" was now. as a further harbinger of the 02 November 2018 released Album, "A Prelude To Sorrow", with a Video refined:

The successor of "Nocturnes And Requiems" are already the Tracklist and Cover Artwork known:

With Case – A Prelude To Sorrow (Cover Artwork)

1. A Prelude To Sorrow (1:27)

2. We Are Nothing (11:13)

3. Moment Of Silence (6:55)

4. Communion Of The Wicked (6:40)

5. Maridian’s Visitation (3:1)

6. Shadows (7:08)

7. Ode To Despair (3:49)

8. The Call (2:11)

9. Vintage (11:06)

10. Epilogue (2:47)

Also for the Song "Ode To Despair", there was already a Video:

On top of that, it goes with the case in the near future for two concerts together with KAMELOT to Japan:

Kamelot, With Case – Tour Poster