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Night Of The Black Attack 2.0 Reflection

Night Of The Black Attack 2.0 Reflection
November 28, 2017

We have heard your words, and reviews about Night of the Black Attack 2.0, and now it's our turn to come up with a few words!

It is a little over a week ago, we here at Heavymetal.dk held the Night of the Black Attack 2.0 and we still can't get my arms down over the amazing experience and success it was!

Thank you is only a poor word, but yet we are so benovede that came about. 400 man to Albertslund – of all places, on a Saturday evening to pay homage to something as obscure as the Danish black metal. WORM, Satanic Assault Division, the Family and Solbrud – well for heaven's sake, it had also been something of a dim place without the bands, and what some bands that bothered to come to play for us! Combustion and Martin Schou, we owe a huge thank you, and we can reassure all of you, dear readers, that both the Combustion and Martin Schou are items we keep stuck in with tooth and nail!

We already have Night of the Black Attack 3.0 in the pipeline, so don't worry. As long as you bother to come, would we slam the evenings with crisp black metal up on the program.

We have read your comments, your feedback, reviews and notices, and we have learned from them. So with your help can NOTBA3 be EVEN better. For example, we have heard your irritation in relation to the long queue at the bar; the Combustion is completely with that it not happen again! We have heard your feedback around, that it took too long to get into, but it is a problem, though, we are a little ambivalent about. It is trælst, that people can not enter, but at the same time due to it, of course, that there was just so many that would check! But it must be done better.

We also recognise that when there are four bands, and three of them are atmospheric and melodic black metal, then it is an error, that the fourth band did not fit in the soundscape. From here we have learned, that either it must be the same type of black all the way through, or all the bands come up with their unique interpretation. The second does not work completely.

Compared to our competition and award ceremony, after all, we can do better or maybe more exciting. We have taken the think tank.


Thanks to Devilution, http://devilution.dk/artikler/reportager/night-of-the-black-attack-2017

Mr Thomas Treo/Dawn, however, was only met up for the growing Family. Unfortunately, this means that no other bands got a review – not even the event got a little note, https://ekstrabladet.dk/musik/koncert_anmeldelser/blodrus-massakre-paa-vestegnen/6920615

Thank you to Metal A Day, http://metaladay.dk/anmeldelse/oel-horn-og-brand/

Thanks to the Metalized, http://www.metalized.dk/?p=10211

Thank you to Rockzeit, http://rockzeit.dk/night-of-the-black-attack-2-0-forbraendingen-albertslund/


All in all: Many thanks for the nice words from both guests, colleagues, and other mixed folks! Thank you very much and we meet again, do we, to the Night of the Black Attack 3.0!