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No Heart For Smombies

No Heart For Smombies
February 22, 2018

That SLIPKKNOT and STONE SOUR-lead Corey Taylor is not necessarily the biggest Fan of Smartphones at Shows, meanwhile, is already somewhat known.

Now, Mr Taylor, but got another opportunity, his displeasure against the inflationary use of Phones at concerts, air.

Compared to the magazine “Loudwire.com” he explained that he had of course nothing against it, if concert-goers to shoot a few pictures, but he doesn't understand why you even films have. It seemed to him as if people were afraid of real life and would be nothing in the location, as long as it is happening on their cell phone screens.

“I've seen people mosh to ‘Bother’ before, it's very off putting. Lists, if you're out there, you need fucking help. You don't mosh to ‘Bother.’ You hold your phone up. You used to hold your lighter up. Now we hold our phones up, or we stare into it while we're watching real life on your screen. Knock that shit off, too. Stop it. Take pictures, do whatever you want, but why are you filming it? It's one thing to film it, but it's another thing to just be staring at your screen while you’re filming it. It's right there! Are you so terrified of real life that you can't do anything unless it's on that little four-by-four screen? Ugggh. It's very weird.”

Thus, it is not for Taylor, really questionable, why people in the crowd just enjoy the Track and the mood, but instead, stand there in your phone rigid. Clearly a bad habit of the genus “Social Media man”, the Occurrence of us already noticed and we are not uncommented.

What is a Mr Taylor makes sometimes with such people, show the following, moving images from the archive. So head high at the next Show.