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Of Monster Magnet And Other Mindfuckern

Of Monster Magnet And Other Mindfuckern
February 07, 2018

You know the game, dear readers: today a series of new Videos from the wide field of hard rock were re-released music. Here is the current Overview of...


Monster Magnet – Mind Fucker

It starts with MONSTER MAGNET. That the psychedelic can fuck Sound of the Stoner-group led by Dave Wyndorf an ordinary mind, is nothing new, and as a result the title song of their new album “mind fucker”. The associated Video Premiere for the colleagues at the Rock Hard.



Hiidenhauta – Hallan Valta

When the last Finnish lessons is a bit longer back, help you with the Melodic-Black-metallers HIIDENHAUTA maybe with a little refresher. The boys from the Land of the Thousand lakes to you with the Lyric Video to “Hallan Valta” on your at 16. March appears to tune the new Album, “1695”.



Blacktop Mojo – Underneath

Who should now be a little too loud and too rumbling, although a Philistine, may be appeased, but perhaps from the new “live in the Studio”Clip of the Texan BLACKTOP MOJO. For this guitarist Ryan Kiefer has belted the non-stromte guitar and, together, wrapped with beard, Matt James, “Underneath”, in a melancholy acoustic guise.



Killing Gandhi – Art Of Silence

Okay, enough of the soft sounds, now there's the eating Board! And if THE Indian icon of non-violent resistance must believe in it, then the damage is in this Band, probably an intended collateral. Also KILLING GANDHI with deliver the lyrics to sing along to the same and want to “Art Of Silence” not so quiet on the 23. February via Massacre Records coming, and of Jacob Hansen mixed Melodic Death Album, “Aspirations Of Failure”.



From Ashes To New – Crazy

Last but not least, it is still a little “Crazy”. The eponymous Track FROM ASHES TO NEW to send into the race to your favor and want to know him as a hymn for all those who understood that are trapped deep in a problematic Situation and from this completely overwhelmed. You can be so happy, if you can in the Song, not so right in thinking what is likely to be due to its earworm qualities, but rather unlikely.