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Once More With Rose?

Once More With Rose?
February 04, 2018
AC/DC – once more with Rose?

First the good news: It seems as if AC/DC , contrary to all fears , once again to bring and the Studio, to record a new Album. The reported Rolling Stone. Now the big BUT: Furthermore, it is speculated that this could possibly happen with Axl Rose on the MIC. And at this point are probably the ghosts, as it is already done , as a Rose in 2016 as a replacement singer Brian Johnson for AC/DC sang.

Brian Johnson had already left for health reasons. And Malcolm Young is last year, tragically died. Could it be, however, that his brother Angus wants to know?

All of this is still speculation and is based initially solely on the Facebook Post of the band's biographer, Murray, English heart:

So wait, drinking tea, and the exploits of the Band once more in peace and enjoy – for example with our discography Check.

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