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Presented To "PLAY"

Presented To "PLAY"
August 09, 2018

Musician X: "Hey Dave Grohl, I've got a project like this, and ..."

Dave: "I'm on it!"

Musician X: "you don't Want to PREV..."

Dave: "Irrelevant! I'm on it.“

Even if this conversation does not correspond to the reality, it works but very accurate, if you consider how many of the projects DAVE GROHL is involved. Time of FOO FIGHTERS and NIRVANA aside, DAVE in Stone-Age/4720">QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE helped, with "Sound City" a documentary directed, the metal side-project PROBOT established, even when the GHOST to it in the appearances, twice helping out. No one can deny that Mr. is not GROHL is a multi-talent, even if you like his music.

DAVE always seems to find a new challenge. His current project "PLAY" is a two-part documentary, in a One-man Band (consisting of Dave Grohl) takes a 23-minute Track, with seven instruments live in one Take. The first part is to deal with Behind-the-Scenes-Footage, in the love of the Music-making will be discussed. The second part deals with the production of the 23-minute monster. "PLAY" will be released digitally on 10. August and as a limited edition Vinyl on March 28. September.

DAVE GROHL presents "PLAY":