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Provide A Statement
June 05, 2018


The VENOM INC.-Guitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn has recently suffered a severe heart attack. Two Bypasses to get Dunn, is now back on the road to recovery. Understandable VENOM INC. all concerts until August to cancel. But it worked, the Gigs in a timely manner.

Mantas manifests himself to his Situation:
"What happened recently, was definitely the worst Erlegbnis of my life. The paramedics and the doctor had to fight for five minutes to bring me back to life. I am now home to rest and recover. I go for a walk and find slowly to its old strength. The airport controls could be immediately interesting, because my sternum from the surgical steel is held together.

In the past few weeks things have happened that I can befriend, but it goes uphill. I simply don't know where or how I should begin to thank every single doctor, nurse, etc. that has helped me, so I am recovering from this incident. It is still a long way to go, but I'm positive.

A big thank you and endless love goes to my partner, Anita, who has been at every step by my side. Thanks also to my brother Tony Dolan, has set itself directly into the first available plane to help me. Finally, I would also like to thank my neighbors and friends in our wonderful village that, despite the language barrier so much concern and compassion.

I hope we can see us soon again on the stage of this world, my friends.“


We will keep our fingers crossed.