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Publish Video To "Millions"

Publish Video To "Millions"
March 09, 2018

Today, on the 09.03.2018, “Automata”, the first part of a two-part concept album from the Mathcore Band BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME via Sumerian Records. To celebrate the day, there is still more fodder for the eyes, because, for the Track “Millions” appears to be a Video. In addition, vocalist and keyboardist Tommy Giles Rogers tells the story behind the Song:

“‘Millions,’ is told from the perspective of a child dealing with loss. However, in the video we wanted it to be a platform that represents the entire album and the main protagonist’s many faces he wears. It represents what is contained within the album and hopefully it will urge the listener to dive into the story of ‘Automata’. Every single week, music comes and goes. We can get music instantly, and with this luxury, the listener has a hard time sitting down with the album and exploring their every twist and turn. Because of this, we have decided to release our new album in two parts. Our music is dense and our album are very long, so we want to give people two separate moments to dive in this year and explore new music that we've put our entire being into. We hope you enjoy the creation as much as we've enjoyed the process.“

Curious on the plate? Read our Review of “Automata I” and take a look to the Video!

Who wants to wait to see part II of Automata, do not need to wait for a long time. The second part of the concept album to appear in the summer and is sure to bring also many impressive Videos.

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