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Release New Song "All Out Of Life"

Release New Song "All Out Of Life"
November 01, 2018

The spit is over, SLIPKNOT Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. There is new music from the American mask makers.
The Song "All Out of Life", celebrated yesterday, on Apple's in-house radio station Beats 1 Premiere.

Front man Corey Taylor about the Inspiration for "All-Out Life":

"Everyone is talking about nowadays communities about toxic masculinity, and fishing. For me it's more about the absurd idea that everything that was not published prior to 10 minutes, is not good and that bothers me. I mean, I love new music, but you should not turn what is already in the back. Which returns not the back, which you guys have created a platform. For me, this is a kind of Wake-up call to all. It is the we are talking about all come together and say: Hey, let's not about old or new talk, let's talk about the here-and-now talk, about what is real. "

Founding member Shawn Crahan on the "All-Out Life":

"At the moment a very exciting time for SLIPKNOT. We have been working for two years on new music and "All-Out Life" and his music video is just one of the many concepts that we worked on. It is a kind of foretaste of the "next big thing". We challenge you for a lifetime.“

A specific date for a new Album, SLIPKNOT have nothing to say, however, that long it is likely to take. "All Out Life" is the first new musical Output of the Band since your last Album, ".5: The Gray Chapter"