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Reveal Album Details
October 04, 2018

The 2017 released the Album "Bullets For A Desert Session" was the first WARPATH-plant since 1996. The thrashers have re-Bock, with "Filthy Bastard Culture" is already the next one waiting in the wings. Album number six appears on the 23. November via Massacre Records.

Eike O. Freese has mixed "Filthy Bastard Culture" in Hamburg's Chameleon Studios and mastered, the Album Artwork signed Chris Hergt responsible. Musically, it should go in "raw, rough and authentic" realm, while the compositions will sound in comparison to earlier Songs more complex and sophisticated.

Tracklist "Filthy Bastard Culture":

01. The World Beyond (Intro)
02. Unbroken Soul
03. Back To Zero
04. Filthy Bastard Culture
05. Believe In Me
06. Into The Dark
07. Killing Fields
08. Below The Surface
09. F. U.
10. Violent Starr
11. Slow Motion Violence
12. St. Nihil
13. Crow (Digipak Bonus)
14. For The First Time (Digipak Bonus)