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Rudolf Schenker Is 70

Rudolf Schenker Is 70
August 31, 2018

metal.de the back is attitude: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rudolf Schenker! In the name of ROCK!
Rudi "rock animal" Schenker is now 70 years old. The guitarist, and Motor of the SCORPIONS zeros in fact, for the seventh Time.

18 Studio albums and 16 billion concerts , as well as the Golden wedding has its Bands already – but for the Hanoverian is still true: "The Best Is Yet To Come!"

Alone for this setting, we celebrate the SCORPIONS and especially to Mr. Schenker.
And, of course, for the fall of the wall. And the exposed suppository. And the countless Hits.

His one hundredth weigh-in feast of the Chef wants to celebrate according to his own statement, by the way, with "Rock You Like A Hurricane".

metal.de is there a faster (Online magazine is the keyword): Party on!