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Running German Rock

Running German Rock
May 15, 2018

On 1. June 2018, the lower Bavarian German rocker in the SKY release their new Album “We are not angels”. Now the Band makes you the first Song from the record to listen to – because as of today there is on Youtube a music video for the Track “I marvel at racing”. Have fun!

Sky striker – “I run” from the new Album “We are not angels” (Video):

“We are not angels” will be the first full-length Album, the sky striker post. As the release date is, as I said, the 1. June 2018, given as a Label the Band Boersma Records (Vertrieb: Soulfood) could win.

In addition, there are on 2. June 2018, the possibility of the new Album by the Band live to enjoy – then will the foursome be new work on the Warm-up Party of the HvM festival in Tannheim present.

Here is the Cover Artwork of “We are not angels”:

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