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Send Out The Ravens

Send Out The Ravens
May 27, 2018
CORVUS CORAX'll send the ravens

There is also something new from the house of CORVUS CORAX: The medieval Ensemble of sends with their new Single “Hugin & Munin”, the eponymous Raven of Odin as a harbinger for the upcoming Album with the support of the Icelandic singer Arndis Halla, which is also called the voice of the Icelandic wind. This upcoming Album will be called “Skál” and on 27. July appear.

Said the first Single sounds as follows:

Last the Band through their mammoth project “The curse of the dragon”. But instead of a Musical with a Fantasy character seem CORVUS CORAX is now back on more traditional paths to move, means It is probably more like “Gimlie”. Nevertheless, a Central issue is hidden according to the official message behind the upcoming Album of course. To quote here is the press text:

"On musical Swing, it goes on a mystical journey, pull Corvus Corax with "Hugin & Munin" your audience into the upcoming Album, the return to the roots – the roots of the music, the roots of the soul in the myth, the roots of the thinking and the remembering self"

What lies behind these words? We are probably the only 27. July know.