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Song Premiere: Aura Noir - "Shades Ablaze"

Song Premiere: Aura Noir - "Shades Ablaze"
April 05, 2018

AURA NOIR to beat again this year! The Norwegian Blackened Thrash metallers publish on 27.04.2018 her new, sixth, and for the first time (almost) self-titled Album “Aura Noir”. The Trio, the rumbles for more than 25 years active in the international Extreme Metal Underground, in the best band tradition: a fireworks display of speed, brutal Riffs and infernal memorability. We are proud to present you together with Indie Recordings, the “Aura Noire” on the market, to the Premiere of the new Single “Shades Ablaze” present – tips, the ears, and throw the pigtail rubber in the corner:

Premiere: AURA NOIR – “Shades Ablaze”

Aggressor (Bass, Vocals) about the Song:

“”Shades Ablaze” is one of the few Songs on the Album, to listen to the Apollyons singing. One of the faster Songs. Inspired blow pays attention to the South American stuff game of Apollyon just before the end. It is a tribute to the old SARCOPHAGO and the historic SEPULTURA.”

Info on “Aura Noir”


1. Dark Lung Of The Storm
2. Grave Dweller
3. Hell’s Lost Chambers
4. The Obscuration
5. Demoniac Flow
6. Shades Ablaze
7. Mordant Wind
8. Cold Bone Grasp
9. Outro