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Surprise With Your Reunion

Surprise With Your Reunion
April 12, 2018

After the Swedish Death metallers VOMITORY played in the past year, in spite of resolution of a one-off Gig at the Summer Breeze Open Air, you now obviously, want more and are back permanently. As the Quartet page already announced a few days ago on his Facebook, it will play in 2019 and again tours and festival shows.

Here is the mentioned Post:

VOMITORY was formed already in 1989 in Karlstad, recorded eight albums, the apply among connoisseurs as a consistently strong and 2013 dissolved. After that, Erik founded Rundqvist and Tobias Gustafsson, the Band CUT-UP, which released two albums on Metal Blade Records. Tobias Gustafsson drummed the drum tracks on the latest AMON AMARTH Album “Jomsviking” . In 2017, the Band reformed for a Gig on the Summer Breeze, to honor your old, to late buddy Michael “Mr. T” Trengert – Trengert one of the was a driving force behind VOMITORYs Label Metal Blade and the Summer Breeze.

VOMITORY 2018 are:

Erik Rundqvist – Bass/Vocals
Tobias Gustafsson – Drums
Urban Gustafsson – Guitar
Peter Östlund – Guitar


Raped in Their Own Blood (1996)
Redemption (1999)
Revelation Nausea (2001)
Blood Rapture (2002)
Primal Massacre (2004)
Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize (2007)
Carnage Euphoria (2009)
Opus Mortis VIII (2011)