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Surprising "Swansong" Slip

Surprising "Swansong" Slip
December 01, 2017

We all know that it is leaving from and to more than sensible of his own comfort zone. Difficult steps. Hey, just a risk.

This incredible Knowledge will also have the Modern Metallers THE LEGION:GHOST and put this time just spontanst. In the Form of a small Häppchens, which should make us even more of an appetite to the in the spring of 2018, coming, new record, the combo of the Aachen and Cologne. So we don't starve to death until then, so miserably, they conjure up for us today with “Swansong”, is a further Single Release on the table.

Atmospheric Attack

THE LEGION:GHOST chokes her past, brute pace a lot and this Time around, from the other side. A, which was kept up to date well under wraps, and thus certainly for surprise effects, but also clearly the complexity of proves. Supported by sounds of the piano full of melancholy frontman Kevin smashes almost fragile the supporting Lyrics: “So what if a miracle would change your life over night. What would i do? What would i undo?” The quiet held ballad indulges in the only to the end of an epic, powerful escalation of the entire Legion, and stresses the accurate use of Drums, Bass and guitars, the dramatic atmosphere of the track.

With a penetrating honesty is chasing you, “Swansong”, it catches up with you and overwhelmed you with your own little demons. Will have to dig in deep wounds until you tear threaten again. Yes, “Swansong” dare something. Allowed quietly to to show no weakness. Is soft and skin however properly clean. In any of the Cerebral convolutions.

Since the new release but didn't want to stand quite so alone and naked around, and just quietly not go there as a little raw, Packed contrast the Tracks “The Atomos” and “My Privacy.com.”, as the live versions, recorded in the Cologne vinegar factory, with.

If you feel now when you read sudden desire to swans and a good Dose of drama that can now run either in the Park angry birds afterwards, or completely relaxed in the thoughtful Melancholy of “Swansong” immersion. I leave, quite selflessly, to you.