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The Metal Scene Is Gaining In Malta

The Metal Scene Is Gaining In Malta
December 21, 2017
The metal scene in Malta is fantastic!

Malta is only 27 km long and 14.5 km wide. In addition, most of the inhabitants are (strict) Catholic. Who would have thought that there is a very vibrant metal scene? Metal Archives lists 39 (!) active metal bands in Malta. metal.de was the Malta Doom Metal Fest in 2017 and was able to find: everyone knows each other, some with always helps. Many musicians play in multiple Bands with different metal styles. Strangers are welcomed with open arms, when Bands from abroad to play, then you go. And the musicians of Maltese Bands do not celebrate their heroes backstage from but directly in front of the stage.

Metal scene in Malta: Maltese Bands in the first row

Now a Film about the Maltese metal scene has won the award “Best documentary” at the Alternative Film Festival in Toronto. “Brotherhood” is a 80 minute documentary about metallic and Cohesion on the island. The creators Nicolas Bonello, the Film the great metal festivals in the world recommend, as they came across online on the Alternative Film Festival. Short applied there, determined to win in the category of “documentation” as a surprise.

metal.de congratulates learning the film team and the Maltese metal! Well done!


More information can be found here, at the bottom of the linked report, you'll get a Trailer to look at.

Our report from the Malta Doom Metal Fest in 2017