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  • The New AETERNUS Album "Heathen" In The Stream

The New AETERNUS Album "Heathen" In The Stream

The New AETERNUS Album "Heathen" In The Stream
October 09, 2018

With AETERNUS is a true Norwegian veteran returns to the image area, in order to convey his sinister Act to the year 2018. Striking feature: the heavy, bulky Mix of Death and Black Metal, the Band self-described as Dark Metal, and early Black Metal Phase of AETERNUS unusual, guttural vocals. The last of the group to band founder and frontman Ares on the predecessor "... And The Seventh His Soulsto" re-gaining strength and moving to a lean a bit to the front.

metal.de presents: The new AETERNUS Album "Heathen"

Now AETERNUS are back and the 12. October their new Album "Heathen", the also the 25. Anniversary of the Band highlighted. The record will be released via Dark Essence Records. And we look forward to welcoming you this in cooperation with Karisma Records present. A lot of fun so with a "Heathen":

Drummer Phobos commented as follows:

"Heathen is probably our best work so far in many aspects, and we're damn proud of the result. And, as all other bands out there with respect for themselves, you always want a new album to be better than the last. We knew from the day we finished our previous album "...and the seventh his soul detesteth" that when it was time to write a new album, this would be a difficult task (and one of the reasons it took us 4 years to finish it). Anyways we belived we accomplished that!

With Heathen we have managed to move the band forward, as well as we have gone back in time to the very first album and brought back some of the atmospheres from the early days. One thing worth mentioning is Ares's guitar set-up, which is his signature sound from back in the days.

The list is long, so we wont bore you with all the details, and rather have you listen to the whole album to make up your own opinion. What you want to hear is Ares's composition, arranged and worked out by the band all together, with our X-bassist V`gandr behind the lyrics once again. Produced by Herbrand Larsen, who worked with Aeternus on "The shadows of old" and "Ascension of Terror". We're happy to finally being able to present "Heathen" to you all, and we hope you anjoy it as much as we do!"

Track list:

1. Hedning
2. The Sword of Retribution
3. Conjuring of the Gentiles
4. The Significance of Iblis
5. How Opaque the Disguise of the Adversary
6. Boudica
7. ‘Illa Mayyit