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The New HORSEMAN-Single "see Me Hanging"

The New HORSEMAN-Single "see Me Hanging"
September 05, 2018

Stories from the horse are told here no, even if the name of the band HORSEMAN calls for such a pun is quite. "Of Hope, Freedom And Future" prevent the Bielefelder any joke with your band name, make, fortunately, however, the legal sovereign, not only because it's the professional debut of the Band, but also because here, everything other than a bed of roses.

metal.de presents: The new HORSEMAN-Single "see Me Hanging"

Because with their Sound, the men embark on earthy Metal Terrain. How earthy is exactly, of which you can get here now. As we look forward to welcoming you in co-operation with Massacre Records, the music video for the Song "see Me Hanging". HORSEMAN even comment on the Song as follows:

"The Video shows the passion of the Band and scenes, where freedom, peace and Serenity are strong and they weigh more than anything else. The "Lost Place" in the concern (resin) provides for a wonderful backdrop. The lyrics are written from the perspective of freedom, Serenity or other positive feeling. Greed, war, selfishness and hate are the opposite and try to stop them. The Text says that freedom is always maintained and should not be undervalued.“

But now, a lot of fun with the promised music video:

The Album in the rest of the here be purchased.