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The New PLAINRIDE Song "Wormhole Society"

The New PLAINRIDE Song "Wormhole Society"
September 12, 2018

PLAINRIDE hit with their debut at that time. "Return Of The Jackalope" left behind with the dust affinity for the desert rock of the Cologne already satisfied faces and turned the Stoner qualities of the Band impressively. PLAINRIDE take everything here really, to the heart of the desert rock Fans beat faster.

metal.de presents: The new PLAINRIDE Song "Wormhole Society"

Now PLAINRIDE not have held, of course, since your feet still and in the working between the time a new work. This goes by the name "Life On Ares" and stands in the start holes, at 21. To be September finally released. In order to make you mouth water (or dusty), we are pleased to welcome you in cooperation with the Mountain Range of the Creative Factory, a new Song from the Album present. This is called "Wormhole Society" and, once again, the dolls in the desert sand of California dance. A Lot Of Fun!


Bassist Leo Lionthatch and singer/guitarist Max Rebel comment on the Song in the Other as follows:

Leo: "of Course the Song could also be called "Einstein-Rosen Bridge Society". The reference to worm holes makes it, but lyrically more accessible. Because as is the case with the Apple analogy, Wormhole Society is ""—I'm saying that it sounds so crisp—from the possibility, perhaps even empowering, the space in all its socio-bending cultural facets for the purpose of one's own, any benefit or their own Reputation.

The resulting Tunnel, or the proverbial door, which creates, is intended only for yourself and no one else can get to the inlet. To answer the question of how this passage may be closed, we want to encourage our listeners may. However, the metaphor of the wormhole is still on another level, remarkably.

While we break, apparently with the lyric Tradition, the worm as a metaphor for the decomposition of the brain, or of common sense—by what?—to operate on the many wait or even simply, transcends instead, the focus is on the category of the individual through the "Wormhole Society" and the decomposition or deterioration on the overall societal level is presented. This manifests itself especially in the Solo. "Einstein-Rosen Bridge Society" would not have made this now really the right name."

Max: "I like worms."