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The Surprise Guest Is...

The Surprise Guest Is...
June 06, 2018

There are only a few days until the 25. With Full Force Festival and, at last, the cat is allowed out of the bag:
Saturday night in the Hardbowl what Large from Berlin! In 1999, for the first Time to Hardbowl Premiere appeared, over the years, from time to time played, most recently as Co-headliners of IRON MAIDEN in 2005. Finally, for you:

Please welcome BEATSTEAKS!!!

Furthermore, in the meantime, the site was published to plan. The campsite opens on Wednesday 13.06. at 15 o'clock. Please plan sufficient time for a stress-free journey and speak to you beforehand, which Camp do you want to use, if you want to stand together with Your friends at the campsites. As always, vehicles larger than vans such as Sprinter, more than 2.8 tons, campers, etc., can be shared with other cars on the YELLOW-CAMP seconded. Driving on the camping areas is only permitted to make arrival, a Move is possible and when you Leave the camping site in the Park vignette loses its validity. For more info about the Camping can be found under www.withfullforce.de

And so the mood in the tents comes also not too short, we can tell you about one: It will give back the beloved Tequilabus directly to the Blue Camp 2 in the vicinity of the ribbon swap!

The city of iron offers you the anniversary of a unique Area. Here you can also a small Overview of the Full Force of Iceland. As promised, will be set up again this year with a Party Area in the vicinity of the inlet for you! Here you can every night until the wee hours of neat to celebrate!