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There's Now Also Available As A Coffee

There's Now Also Available As A Coffee
September 30, 2018

According to the vegan dog treats from BEHEMOTH, the Nu-Metal veterans KORN have discovered the signs of the times: What could be better than to bring a little Merchandise to the masses? The best coffee, the BEHEMOTH, after all, already managed. Black it's supposed to be, of course. But have no fear: a grain, you will not find in the coffee counter to the name "grain Koffee" (that was lucky!).

GRAIN is collaborating with the factory, by J. Gursey and the coffee is a Mix of "Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, guatemalischem Huehuetango and organic beans from Peru, and finished with the J. Gursey popular Vintage Black Diamond mix".

The Band said:


"After almost 25 years of tours, albums, produce and all over the world in front of our fantastic Fans to play, there was a constant in our lives: The Ritual of the Brew, the Aroma. Every Morning it is the first Cup of coffee, which marks the other day and the one we most look forward to. Because of this passion, we have teamed up with a roasting facility and our own blend of GRAIN KOFFEE created. We hope this new variety enjoys together with us in the future every Morning.“


And a pack of (12 ounce, the equivalent of about 350 grams) is beginning to see the Slippers 15 Dollar to. Here to order, unfortunately, already sold out, but maybe later on something new.

Well, then: GRAIN KOFFEE in the morning grief and sorrow!