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There Will Be No 2018

There Will Be No 2018
December 05, 2017

Unfortunately, it will be 2018, no new edition of the most familiar Festivals in the Palatinate, and the venue for the herb-Surf world Cup. There is great hope that it will remain only in the case of a break.
On the Facebook page of the festival, the organizers made an official statement released:

“Dear friends of the metal have a barbecue in the Open air

It makes us very proud as our Festival has grown over the last few years, and we are loyal Fans, more like grateful. Of course, we want to offer you an awesome Festival at fair prices. Our basic principle of Non-commerciality is to be retained.

Unfortunately, we had to after the this year's Festival is the notice not more we can do in some areas.
Topics such as safety and Hygiene are due to the growth of the metal Open air grilling now organizationally with our existing Budget to cover the act.

Another organizational Problem to be from year to year, less expectant helper. To cope with the event, we need every year a personnel of between 170 and 200 people.

Since we have succeeded, unfortunately, also due to the even stricter safety regulations for 2018, not all of these issues and find a satisfactory solution, we have decided with a heavy heart 2018 to take a break and the metal grill from the ground to reorganize.

The only short-term solution would be a commercialization of the event, i.e. the use of more financial resources, but then this would not be the metal we grill, we want it and love it.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you keep us for 2019, the Loyalty.

Thank You

Your Metal OrGa Team Barbecue.”

It is to be hoped that it is in 2019 with the success story of the festival. We keep our fingers crossed!