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Ticket Raffle

Ticket Raffle
September 12, 2018

We are giving away once again 3×2 Tickets and you want to send this Time, you and an accompanying person of your choice to one of the three Germany concerts of MCC.
Who is not a Mega-GHOST Fan who is not familiar with the Band probably:

MCC (Magna Carta Cartel) was launched in 2006 by five friends founded the believed that it will one day create to be able to, and to be. They wrote dreamy Songs for a Soundtrack to a Film that nobody has seen, because he still needs to be rotated. Their debut album "Goodmorning Restrained" was completed in 2009 as a free Download on the net and a musical message in a bottle launched at the time of your stay...
To shaped the time, the Band GHOST, and with some of the MCC members, for the Ride of your life should begin. World-wide success, touring, Parties, and fame – what applied then known to the contrary.
MCC rested to the time, because there is no time and space to take care of, in addition to GHOST a second Band.
Now MCC is back!

Together with the October Promotion, we want to you and one other person of your choice to one of the MCC concerts in Hamburg, Berlin or Cologne.
To throw your name in the draw, you need to do is fill in the fields below this article.
The winners will be announced on Monday, the 17. September drawn at random and notified via Email.

First name Surname
The venue of your choice*
2. October Hamburg Logo 3. October Berlin Binuu 4. October Cologne Luxor
This field is for validation purposes and should not be changed.
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Forget, please, your e-mail address and to confirm this also. Legal recourse is excluded as always.
Please note: After submitting the form, you will receive an Email from us. The Link your clicking on need to confirm your Email address. If this is not done we can not take into account your participation in the contest due to legal reasons!