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To Cancel Your Debut

To Cancel Your Debut
April 13, 2018

RSO will be at the 11. May their first Album “Radio Free America” post. The Songs were recorded in the past two years in a home Studio the pair. At the controls is legendary producer Bob Rock sat.

“Samboras and Orianthis voices and guitars blend effortlessly together, and their indelible melodies, and uplifting lyrics to create an Album full of warmth, heart and a lot of Rock’n’Roll” is the name of it on Blabbermouth. In addition, the 15 Tracks contain elements of Rock, Blues, Pop, R&B and Country.

Richie Sambora: “The people have more in common than you think.”

Richie Sambora said: “These Songs are about, just a man. The people have more in common than you think. Ori and I have seen this up close, as we have played for many years in front of many people around the world. For us as songwriters has rooted the festival, to overcome this Desire, language, and genre boundaries to play for people and write Songs that can be the Soundtrack of your life.”

Richie Sambora has left BON JOVI 2013 because he got his drinking problem under control. Orianthi made a name for himself as a Background musician, PRINCE, ZZ TOP and ALICE COOPER. Since 2015, the two musicians have a relationship, and published in the past year, under the Banner of RSO an EP called “Rise”.

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