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To Terminate "With Courage Of Despair"

To Terminate "With Courage Of Despair"
December 29, 2017

While others are still busy with the Digest of grandma's Christmas cookies that are forged in the home of THE LEGION:GHOST already busy plans.

On 16.03.2018 the Rhineland Modern Metal chapel of her second Studio album “With Courage Of Despair” post. So far, you could already bit by bit an ear to the advance of skilled singles, “Discharged”, and “Swansong”.

Can we expect the entire new album of complex Arrangements, powerful Riffs, powerful grooving Drums and bitter-sweet melodies. The band remains faithful to their style and puts in terms of dynamics and playfulness, and a shovel. Here hardness encounters the Groove. Groove to the melody. And tune to old-school Metal fragments.

It all adds up to a round of further development of the 2016-first work “..Two For Eternity”.
First, we must take a look at the cover artwork and the Tracklist to “With Courage Of Despair”:

01. Discharged
02. No Happy Ending
03. Thy Will Be Done
04. The Counterweight
05. Xenophobia
06. Family Ties
07. Take Away My Scars
08. For The Greater Good
09. F60.0
10. Sex Up
11. Until The Day We Die
12. Swansong

Who is still Digesting hard-on, you can sit back and relax and watch a final a couple of motion pictures “Swansong”: