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UPDATE: "Annihilation" Is On The Way

UPDATE: "Annihilation" Is On The Way
June 05, 2018

The legendary Stockholm Death metallers UNANIMATED will publish on 10. August 2018 with their new EP "Annihilation". With four new Songs, the first Studio recordings of the Band since the release of their last album "In The Light Of Darkness" (2009), "Annihilation" a taste of UNANIMATEDs upcoming Studio album, which is scheduled for the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019. On the EP, these four Songs are included:

"Annihilation" Track Listing:

1. Adversarial Fire (5:11)
2. From A Throne Below (6:30)
3. Of Fire And Obliteration (3:08)
4. Annihilation (5:57)

Place, the (Un)dead: UNANIMATED with their new EP "Annihilation"

"Annihilation" comes, as was to be expected, in a variety of formats: as a 12" MLP (180 gr Vinyl and Etching on side B), and slim CD case, as well as digital. The MLP Version is worldwide limited to 1000 copies (black, clear, red, silver), the CD-Version to only 2000 hand-numbered copies (with unique print).

Already in February, UNANIMATED, had signed a contract for three plates with Century Media Records.

To Bassist Richard Cabeza (ex-DISMEMBER) commented: "We are very pleased to UNANIMATED have signed a contract with Century Media Records. The time is ripe, and the time is now! To once again return to spread the darkness and unleash the storm of fire on this earth. We look forward to working with Century Media in the coming new UNANIMATED Album. The recordings will begin in early 2018 for a publication in the autumn of 2018. Then we will make our way to play Shows. Brace yourself!“

UNANIMATED were already founded in 1988, and have through their previous albums "In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead" (1993), and especially "Ancient God Of Evil" (1995), and it's the time to comeback album "In The Light Of Darkness" (2009) made a name and a reputation earned. Against the Background of the rather rar seeded publications a contract for three albums seem ambitious, although very, but let us just surprise you. In our Interview for the last Album "In The Light Of Darkness" chats by the way singer Micke Broberg surprisingly open about the reasons for the long breaks between the individual slices. Since then, the troupe has a way with Drummer Anders Schultz (UNLEASHED, replaced Peter Stjärnvind) and guitarist Jonas Derouche (ex-GENERAL SURGERY, ex-CARBONIZED).


Richard Cabeza – bass
Anders Schultz – drums
Johan Bohlin – guitars
Jonas Derouche – guitars
Micke Broberg – vocals


Rehearsal demo 1 (Demo 1990)
Fire Storm (Demo 1991)
In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead (1993, No Fashion)
Ancient God Of Evil (1995 No Fashion)
In The Light Of Darkness (2009, Regain Records)
Annihilation (EP, 2018, Century Media Records)
Album tba (2018)