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UPDATE Video From The New Album

UPDATE Video From The New Album
September 05, 2018

UPDATE 05.09.2018

In the meantime, the current KAMELOT-Album "The Shadow Theory" of us discussed. The Band will soon embark on their biggest Tour of Europe and served to the Fans in advance, nor is it a delicacy in moving images. Anybody who wants can now watch the official music video for the Song "mind is the case, Remedy":

UPDATE 02.03.2018

Soon, a new long-player from KAMELOT, "The Shadow Theory", to eat into your ear canals. "Raven's light" offers already as a harbinger of the album is a good taste of the time up to 06. To sweeten April. Then, the plate via Napalm Records in fact appear to be. The panel was produced by Sascha Paeth (including AVANTASIA), while Jacob Hansen for Mastering responsible. With Jenniger Have to be listening to BEYOND THE BLACK, and Lauren Hart of ONCE HUMAN in addition, some of the guests on the panel. Very, here is the Video to "Raven's light":


Napalm Records has announced all the important information of the next KAMELOT album. 12. Studio album by the Progressive/Power metal group called "The Shadow Theory", and comes on the 06. April is distributed to the people.

The Tracklist reads as follows:

The Mission Phantom's Divine (The Shadow Empire) Raven light Amnesiac Burns To Embrace In The Twilight Hours Kevlar Skin Static Mind Case Remedy Stories Unheard Vespertine (My Crimson Bride) The Proud and The Broken Mini-Trium (Shadow Key)

Who wants to grab something deeper in the pocket, of the this in the also erhätlichen 2CD-Version of the following bonus material:

Phantom's Divine (the Shadow Empire) (Instrumental version) Raven light (Instrumental version) Amnesiac (Instrumental version) Burns To Embrace (Instrumental version) Kevlar Skin (Instrumental version) The Proud and The Broken (Instrumental version) The Last Day of Sunlight (bonus)

Whom that is not enough, you can also acquire the "LTD DELUXE WOODEN BOX". In addition to the 2CD-edition, the limited edition Box includes a flag, a KAMELOT-trailer, a KAMELOT-key (?!), a signed autograph card and a Logo Patch.

Lovers of the vinyl by the limited different colored (Red, Gold, Neon Pink,White), or normal black 2LP-Gatefold.

If you can't decide on the wide selection, you can also only do once with a short Teaser: