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Update: Reveal Tons Of Details About Their New Album

Update: Reveal Tons Of Details About Their New Album
August 01, 2018
Update 01.08.2018

Final Breath – Band Photo-2018

It goes on rocks in the Swiss franc! After the beginning of July, a worldwide Deal with the Cologne-based Label metal Ville could sign, is now also the "framework programme" for the new Death-Metal-Monster from the house of FINAL BREATH.

To defeated the age of 14 appears at 19. October 2018 "Of Death And Sin". Thematically, the Album focuses on the "7 deadly sins", interpreted for the present time.

For the chic Cover features of the Indonesian artist Megan Mushi is the responsibility of the biblical theme aptly implemented.

The Final Breath Of Death And Sin

For the first Time on the "boards, sent to" Stadthalle "Of Death And Sin" on 20.10.2018 in the Lohrer. We, of metal.de are very excited to have the Show present . Tickets are a mere 10 Euro at the following ticket outlets. Be quick or be dead!

Final Breath – Album Release Party In 2018

Stadthalle Lohr

Original News 31.01.2018

There are Bands, the scratch, despite early Struggles with every publication at the very top of the Richter scale. FINAL BREATH are one of the representatives. A preliminary climax was the creation of the franc with the exception of the album "Let Me Be Your Tank".

2018: 25th anniversary and a new Album

Final Breath – 25 Years

After a occupation exchange and a Tour with ILLDISPOSED in 2005, however, it became silent. FINAL BREATH sank, in spite of individual Live performances more and more in the sinking. In the meantime, burgeoning hope of a new long-player remained ultimately unfulfilled. In 2018, the signs are, however, a storm. The Band celebrates this year its 25 anniversary, and rewarded the Fans with the follow-up to the Thrash classic "Let Me Be Your Tank". The disc is now turned off instrumental. Only the final vocal lines.

Long-time member Jürgen "Eumel" Aumann leaves the Band permanently

With the new Album, take a FINAL BREATH final farewell to her long-time colleague, Jürgen "Eumel" Aumann. "Eumel" wants to focus on his private life. The new man on the microphone is Patrick Gajda and is in addition to FINAL BREATH even when the Frankish "The Flesh Trading Company".

The new secular Album according to the Band since picking up where "Let Me Be Your Tank" 14 years ago, has ceased. The Band wants to stay true to their style and promises to be a Mix of razor-sharp Thrash salvos and earthy Death Metal. For the final Mix, the Band keeps an ACE up his Sleeve, which you want at the right time to play. We should be excited!