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Win T-Shirts With A Brand New Design!

Win T-Shirts With A Brand New Design!
February 28, 2018

NECROPHOBIC have discovered, despite all the adversity of the past years bears a strong back. There's no question that we have in our Review of “Mark Of The Necrogram” scrupulously honored. Also your readers ' comments show: The Swedes are back stronger than ever!

Win one of three NECROPHOBIC-Shirts!

Do you want to dress you to match the Album Release? Then the form fills in the bottom, to give your address and desired size and presses yourself to the thumb – there are Shirts in size S, win M and L!

Here is the Design of the T-Shirts:

The Design of the NECROPHOBIC T-Shirts that you can win here!

For more information about the Band and their new Album “Mark Of The Necrogram”

“Mark Of The Necrogram” is the eighth Studio album by the Swedish Melodic Black/Death metallers. Has produced the Album, Fredrik Folkare, his character guitarist of fire spawn and UNLEASHED, the last three albums, “Hrimthursum”, “Death To All” and “Womb Of Lilithu” behind the controls sat.

Our reviewer Eckart Maronde says in his Review, “Marc Of The Necrogram”:

“So who has closed NECROPHOBIC in his black heart that gets with the new plant, a expected a good Album, delivered, sent, preserves the Tradition, but predictability avoids.”

So the Cover-Artwork of the album, for NECROPHOBIC by the way, for the first Time since the “Darkside” of 1997 the legendary Cover artist Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin.

NECROPHOBIC – “Marc Of The Necrogram” – Cover Artwork:

The Tracklist of the album reads as follows: Mark Of The Necrogram Odium Cecum Tsar Bomba Lamashtu Sacrosanct Pesta Requiem For A Dying Sun Crown Of Horns From The Great Above To The Great Below Undergången
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