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Win The Norwegian "spellemannsprisen"

Win The Norwegian "spellemannsprisen"
February 26, 2018

The Progressive Black metallers ENSLAVED have the prestigious Norwegian Grammy “spellemannsprisen” with their last Album “E” won. A whole new feeling this is not the case for the Band. It is, after all, your overall fifth victory in this award in her career.

Vocalist and Bassist Grutle is happy nonetheless:
“Yes!!! What to get for an honor, another Spellemann-Award! As you can imagine, it is always a very heavy Kopf-To-head race. Not that music would be a competition, but as we know, Norway has so many fantastic Heavy Metal Bands, just look at the list of nominees! We want us. each time you thank, was involved in the production of our album, we are so proud of the result Thanks to Iver, Truls, Kjetil, Daniel, Einar, Jens, Tony and Simon, as well as our family and friends!
In behalf of the Enslaved,

We lose of metal.de greyed out!