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With The Controversial Announcement Of "Oblivion"

With The Controversial Announcement Of "Oblivion"
March 07, 2018

CREMATORY with “Oblivion” at the 13.04.2018 the follow-up to “Monument” to publish. Already today the Band on Facebook put a Statement in the world, which does not exclude even the end of the Band for financial reasons. Legitimate criticism or an inappropriate attack against their own Fans? We will acknowledge this in a separate article.

Here's the Statement in full length and in the original text (sic!):

"CREMATORYs new Studio Album, "Oblivion" will be released on Friday, the 13.4.18. We want to actually distributed from the 27.4.18, over the whole month of may, our tour of Germany to play the new Album. But this will only be possible if you finally gets the ass up and Tickets for concerts buy and the sale is totally fucked and we are going to cancel the Tour, if not now, finally, the pre-sale to pay for our concert tickets increase significantly.

The most important thing is that you can buy our new CD or double-LP, because when I look at our current royalty statement I get the puke. We sell many more Downloads and Streams than CDs or LPs, and the duration of the safe Dead to every Band, because in the case of Downloads and Streams the Band gets only a fraction of the licenses as a real CD sales. The result is that the Band has enough money available to the next Studio album to pre-Fund in a reasonable quality.

The worst are Streaming on Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Napster and all that other Shit, because in this case Nothing of the Band remains almost hang. We have 1.5 million Streams of our last Album, and sell not even 1% of CDs or LPs.

This should not, and simply can not go on like this! The us with CREMATORY are not alone, just we have the balls and say now what the deal is, so people will finally be a Wake-up call and the quality of the music and the artists have acknowledged and trusted by CDs and LPs are purchased, and the music is not on any hard drives, USB Sticks or SD cards in the inferior MP3 quality disappears and goes under.

We hope that you have understood how serious the situation is, and will therefore create at our new Studio Album, "Oblivion" is a particular incentive to the CD in order for you to buy the CD or double-LP and not a crappy Download, or even worse Stream.

In each of the CD and double-LP 10 Euro Merchandise voucher that can be redeemed at our concerts, or purchase orders through our website. Thus, the CD or double – LP purchase incl. Coupon cheaper than any Download, and it has a great Digipack with Booklet, lyrics, photos and posters in Hand.

So please, buy CDs and LPs, and no Downloads or Streams, because then there will be no next CREMATORY Album more, if that changes this time! Let Oblivion be the last CREMATORY Album, and let us in the Tour down and ordered finally your Tickets in advance, so that we can party together a couple of great Shows, because we have to make, after 27 years, Bock a few years more, but only you can decide alone! Believe in you and especially in CREMATORY!

Markus Jüllich